Special Center only for Hand and Microsurgery / Trauma & Orthopedic Surgery with 261 beds.
KSSH(Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand) & KAMS(The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences) designated us as a official hand surgery fellowship training hospital in Korea. W hospital is certified as "Hand Surgery & Replantation Center" by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare's since 2009. We operate about 1,000 cases of hand surgery and microsurgery as well as orthopedic trauma surgery a month.
Our W hospital will be the best place to learn variety of knowledges and get experiences about this field and here is learning place about orthopedic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery together. Many foreign doctors with various nationalities already had been trained here during short- and long-term. (USA, India, Hongkong, Russia, Germany, Nepal etc.)
Major surgeries
Nerve compression syndrome(CTS, CuTS), Congenital anomalies of hand & foot, Replantation, Varierty free flaps, Perforator flaps,Arthroscopy of wrist & shoulder, Hand reconstruction using toe transfer, Sports injury, Various fractures, Modified their limbs.
The general outline for the conferences:
- Case presentations on Everyday
- Journal Review on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
International Visting Doctors

Vikas Dhawan
(Louisville, U.S.A)
2008.11.2 ~ 2009.2.20
2010.1.24 ~ 2010.3.19

Ajay Abrol
(Ludhiana, India)
2010.8.6 ~ 2010.9.20

Georgy Nazaryan
(Moscow, Russia)
2010.11.5 ~ 2010.11.26

Timofey Sukhinin
(Moscow, Russia)
2010.11.5 ~ 2010.11.26

Jochen Mayer
(Ravensburg, Germany)
2011.5.16 ~ 2011.5.27

LEUNG, Shue-Cheong Mark
(Hong Kong)
2012.3.12 ~ 2012.3.17

Suman Kumar Shrestha
(Kathmandu, Nepal)
2014.2.3 ~ 2014.5.3

Leena Jain
(Mumbai, India)
2015.6.8 ~ 2015.6.14