Realization of the status as a professional hospital specializing in the musculoskeletal system for beautiful hands, comfortable feet and strong joints

Patient-oriented treatment
W HOSPITAL offers hope and emotional fulfillment to the patients through the medical services that integrate the accurate diagnosis, customized treatment and functional aesthetic aspects.
Medical staffs who research and educate
W HOSPITAL is equipped with the medical staffs with the capacity to pursue future-oriented researches and education on the basis of extensive clinical experiences.
Communication and sharing
W HOSPITAL shall become the cultural venue for communication with patients, harmony amongst the staffs and practicing of serving and sharing with the local society.
Medical institution certified by the Ministry of Health & Welfare
W HOSPITAL acquired medical institution accreditation by complying with the assessment standard for the provision of high quality services to the people on the basis of the strict standard by the Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation for proving of medical institution that puts in voluntary and continuous efforts for the improvement of the safety of the patients and quality of the medical service.
Hospital specializing in Hand & micro reconstructive Surgery as designated by the Ministry of Health & Welfare
W HOSPITAL was designated as the only specialized hospital in Daegu, Gyeongbuk 2 times in a row. This designation is made by the Ministry of Health & Welfare at every 3-year interval through strict screening process. This can be deeded to be the result of the objective acknowledgement as a hospital that executes medical practices with high level of difficulties through the specialization in Hand & micro reconstructive Surgery among medical institutions at hospital level.
Hospital for training of specialist in highly specific areas in hand surgery
The qualification to apply for the examination for specialist in highly specific area license is granted only after having undergone 2 years of training course after having acquired the specialist license in the area of orthopaedic, plastic surgery or general surgery. W HOSPITAL was designated as a hospital for training of specialist in highly specific area in hand surgery by the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences and the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand in 2008 and has been producing 1~2 specialist in highly specific areas every year.
Leading institution in the Medi-City medical tourism
W HOSPITAL was selected the leading medical institution appropriate for the medical tourism project being pursued by the Daegu Metropolitan City government. Accordingly, the hospital is receiving extensive support for realization of the visions of the Medi-City, Daegu, activation of the local economy through linking of the outstanding local medical resources with the cultural tourism, and to have the medical excellence of Korea be known widely by securing foreign patients.
Registered institution for recruiting of foreign patients
W HOSPITAL received acknowledgement by the Ministry of Health & Welfare for well-established infrastructure for recruiting of foreign patients. As such, by having had the safety of the foreign patients guaranteed, the W HOSPITAL has built up international reliability and is able to minimize the inconvenience in the administrative procedures including the simplification of the visa system and document submission when visiting the W HOSPITAL.