Orthopaedic, Sports &
Trauma Center Disease

This center handles broad range of musculoskeletal system diseases including the fracture of the limbs due to trauma, treatment and surgery of the ligament and muscle damages, treatment of the degenerative joint diseases, and artificial joints and various sports injuries.

Joint replacement surgery

It is a surgical procedure conducted to replacing the joint with artificial joint after having removed the worn out and damaged joint surfaces. Surgery for replacement with artificial joint is deemed to be the last resort in treatment in which severe pain persists with limitation in the joint movements even after the implementation of drug therapy. It is possible to expect prolonged lifespan of the artificial joint nowadays along with the improvement of the surgical technique.

Joint replacement surgery, which had previously been applied to major larger joints of the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder, is now executed for smaller joints such as the finger and elbow joints, etc.


Recovery after the surgery is not only quicker than the existing open incision surgery, but the pain is also substantially less, thereby enabling the patient to undergo rehabilitation therapy more easily and return to the ordinary daily activities more promptly. Currently, the latest surgical technique that can be applied to almost all joints including the knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle and hip joints is implemented..

Sports injury

Excessive use of particular parts of the body is prevented through systematic medical examination and exercise therapy for various sports injury patients, and is responsible for the treatment as well as rehabilitation in order for the patients to return to their original sports activities without chronic damages.

Shoulder joint

Shoulder joint is the only joint in our body capable of making 360° rotation. As the shoulder joint has the widest movement range, specialized medical treatments are provided for a diverse range of diseases including rupturing of rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, habitual dislocation and calcified tendinitis, etc.

Knee joint

Although it is a joint that may become injured most easily, it is also one of the most important joints that can determine the quality of life. The Clinic is equipped with extensive and abundant experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of fracture, damages to the ligaments and cartilage of the knee joints as well as highly difficult surgical procedures.

Growth Clinic

The Clinic executes not only growth prediction tests but also surgical procedures for improved growth through the techniques of dietary habits and exercise therapy, injection of the growth hormone prior to the closure of the growth plate, and even in the technique of extending the bones surgically in the case of the adults for whom the growth plate has already been closed.

Lengthening of the bone deformation correction of upper & lower limbs

The bone lengthening, which is a surgical technique of slowly and gradually extending the callus formed at the artificially produced fracture area by using external fixation device with appropriate level of stability is applied to a wide range of areas including the treatment of congenital malformation, correction of the deformation of all limbs and treatment of the complications arising from trauma, etc.