Foot & Ankle Center Disease

If abnormality in the structure and configuration of foot occurs, imbalance and disharmony of not only the foot but also all parts of the body including ankle, knee and spine are induced. Therefore, we offer customized 1:1 treatment specialized for each of the patients in the specific area of foot and angle joint.

Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus is a malformation in which the big toe is bent outwardly and is easily visible in our surroundings. However, it is also a representative disease that is left unattended without realizing it as a disease that requires treatment. Although the pain can be alleviated by means of brace if the symptoms are slight, osteotomy is executed by a specialist surgeon in foot and angle with abundant surgical experiences in order to correct malformation that has already been solidified.


It is the most common disease of all the malformation of the foot. The arch at the sole of the foot is either collapsed or completely lost, thereby causing the entire sole of the foot to come in contact with the floor.


It refers to particularly short or long toes that can be discerned easily with eyes. In fact, it is not that the toes are short but, rather, appears to be short due to the short metatarsal among the bones that compose the foot. In congenital cases, the toes become short due to the failure in growth arising from the closure of the growth plate or cessation of the growth in early stage during the growth period without particular cause.

Plantar fasciitis

It refers to the manifestation of inflammatory disease in the strong fascia that wraps around the sole of the foot. Patients experience severe pain in the heel of the foot when taking first step after getting up from bed in the morning. In principle, non-surgical therapy such as stretching and drug therapy is implemented with priority to obtain satisfactory results prior to resorting to surgical procedures.
The extacorporeal shock wave therapy(ESWT) is a good choice.